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Guess Who’s Back!? Spoiler Alert: It’s Not the Real Slim Shady

Hello fellow humans! It has been quite some time since my last confession, I mean, post. How have you been? Good I hope. I have been busy, and by busy, I mean I have been traveling like crazy. And when I’m not traveling, I am sleeping. Which also means that I haven’t really been able to take care of myself properly; mentally and physically.

My most recent post spoke about learning how to cope with traveling and being in a relationship. I concluded that we would be able to pull through, and things have been amazing. We text, and call, and FaceTime, and whenever I’m able to be home, every time we get to be together is truly something wonderful. I am so appreciative and thankful for every single moment I get to have with him (just giving ya’ll an update, letting all those who have been so desperately wondering about me and my man, and what has been going on). But unlike my previous posts that have revolved around dating and being in a relationship, I’m sorry that this has become a relatively large part of my life, but I’ll be switching up the discussion!

The Cost of Traveling: You’re Paying with More than Just What’s in You’re Wallet

So finally changing topics (you’re welcome), I want to talk about taking care of oneself. I have mentioned from another post (shameless plug) that I struggle with anxiety and depression. Some days are good and other days, not so much. And it’s really not that simple, but I don’t need to completely delve down that rabbit hole at the moment. I mention my struggles with mental health because I’ve noticed how my recent increase in traveling, quite frequently I may add, has noticeably affected me.

Being away from my home, friends and family, while also trying to make healthy food decisions and attempting to workout, are all things that weigh on me every single day. Even though it’s obvious and I don’t need to remind you that in order to make a change, you have to make the effort, and this may sound weird, but being unhealthy tends to be easier; experiencing life as a corporate flight attendant has highlighted just that. You do have to go out of your way to make the healthy decisions and that it is much easier to get fast food than it is to get a healthier alternative. It’s easier to lay around your hotel room and watch Netflix before your next trip, instead of reading a book or getting in some kind of workout. It’s easy to be lazy. It’s easy to forget that you should put in the time to take care of yourself.

CHANGES: By Tupac ft. Talent

The desire to make a real change struck me during my recent stay in Chicago. My sister lives there and I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. I reached out to her, apologizing for being very last minute when informing her about my staying for a few days (still on call, and could have a pop-up trip occur) because I know she’s normally very busy. But she happened to be available and was happy to hear from me. We were able to grab something healthy for lunch and then went to a workout class later that day, and then went to a restaurant with healthy food options. Her and her husband and I all caught up, and we didn’t even stay out late. I had mentioned to her that I was trying to be more conscientious about what I was putting into my body and trying to treat myself better, and she helped me do just that.

I woke up the next day very sore, a little tired and very happy. And being somewhat fatigued comes with the territory of being a flight attendant. Think about it: when it’s 11:00 p.m. and passengers are asleep on a 6-hour flight, I’m not asleep as well. I’m up with the pilots. I’m either talking with them or reading a book, but I’m not sleeping. But I feel by becoming more aware of how I’m treating myself that I will begin to feel better. By making these healthier decisions and putting in that effort I keep mentioning, will be good for me inside and out. I just have to create the habit of eating better, exercise and some kind of mental stimulation that is not solely Netflix; I’m sorry F-R-I-E-N-D-S, I can’t keep reliving your glorious moments and always without fail, getting worked up about the whole “WE WERE ON A BREAK” thing. See. I just can’t. I am not going to get into that controversy right now.

Ms. Know-It-All Learns a Thing or Two

But coming off of my college high (where you walk around thinking you know everything) and after practically ignoring everything my mother has said about developing healthier habits (sorry Mom, I love so much you), I’ve finally been able to take a good hard look at how I am and understand that there is still much to be learned. And I just don’t want to say I’m going to change because it will only happen if I do it. I can say, write, post about how I want to do better, but I will only do better through action. Making small adjustments every single day.

It’s also helpful to surround yourself with people that care enough about you to tell you to STFU and make a change. And I love them for them.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed your vacation from me. Talk to you soon.

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