Let’s Fly Away but Stay Together

The Pros and Cons of a Career Change

I’ve been employed in strictly within the category of “jobs” ever since I graduated college; it has only been until recently that I’ve been lucky enough to have a career. You know, the thing that pays you money even when you’re sick or on vacation and provides you with benefits? It’s a little over a year since graduating and I’m looking forward to the new adventures and experiences this career opportunity has in store for me. One opportunity in particular is travel. Ever since graduation I wanted to travel, but I didn’t have the money because you know, I just graduated college. Congrats grad, you’re broke. So when I got hired to become a private charter cabin attendant, I was thrilled with all the new possibilities that it could bring. Not only for the immediate time being, but also in a future career within the aviation industry. But there is one drawback, distance. And that’s what I will be talking about today.


When Duty Calls

Now, I used to be someone who was monogamously single and when I was actively pursuing a career in the business aviation field, I didn’t have to think about a significant other. But now, being in the throws of a loving relationship with my favorite human, I’ve had to think differently. My decision to take on a career where I would be gone for a little over two weeks each month was a hard idea to grasp. Distance can be a difficult factor within a relationship, but to me, I didn’t really think about distance as a bad thing. Now listen, do I want space from him? Absolutely not. If I was able to be with him 24 hours of every day, I would. But that’s not normal, nor healthy, so I do what I can. And I am so thankful that we’ve been able to live blissed out the way we have for the passed couple of months. So this whole flying thing is really throwing a wrench into that routine we’ve built. But the thing about distance for me is that I get the opportunity to miss him and appreciate even more the relationship that we have established together. Pardon the wording but I feel like it’s fitting, I am truly blessed to have him in my life, and that he will be there for me every time I come home. I’ve never been in this situation before.


Time and Space

I’ve seen how the whole long distance thing can go, and for some people it ends up being their kryptonite. But for others, their relationship can continue to thrive and flourish. My being away is also different than the typically long distance song and dance though because my schedule will constantly change. I’ll be back for a few days, then gone for a few days, and so on and so forth. It’s not fixed, it will never be the same from one week to the next, but it’s not like I’ll be away for months at a time. It’s still something that will take time getting used to. But I think that confronting this time and space obstacle early on, is not a bad thing. I believe in my bones that we will be more than just ok. We’re both strong enough and love one another enough that we will make long distance our bitch, and she’ll be fine with it. I couldn’t let myself get too mushy there. Sorry “long distance,” but you’re not screwing things up for us. Find another couple to prey on. I know it won’t be easy, but when there are things in life that make you work harder for them, it makes whatever it is much more worthwhile than being given it. I’ve always been a strong believer in working hard for the things I want and care about and this relationship is no exception.


Where Do We Go From Here?

We start by taking it day-by-day and going from there. It’s a transition and a massive change to go from being with one another all day, to being separated for days at a time. It may seem silly, but when you get into the habit of being with the person you love everyday, you’re almost kind of trying to establish a new one where we get used to seeing each other over FaceTime instead of in person. That’s not easy. We’re going to miss and reschedule some things, that’s inevitable, but we’re also going to experience other things together. There is good and bad in a situation like this, but learning how to put hope before the fears of the future is what I think we have the capability of doing right now.

To the person that I love, my favorite human, I want us. I choose us.

Sorry for making my comeback blog sappy, but some great writer somewhere said to write what you know, and I know this to be true. Thanks for reading along. Until next time (which will hopefully not be two months like last time)…

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